Rex Hart - Founder and the real 'hart' of the band, Rex writes most of the material that we do.  Listen to the words of his songs and you'll realize God's gift in his life.  Doing most of the male lead vocals, Rex plays mandolin for the band because it's small, light, and easy to carry.  He also plays guitar & bass.  A little help with our equipment over here, eh, Rex??

 Bonnie Arnold - She's the self-appointed 'Boss' of the group and the one who keeps us all in line.  Bonnie is a joy to listen to with her dynamic lead vocals and great harmony singing.  She has shared the stage with Dale Ann Bradley, Jeff Parker & Steve Gully  while she was a member of the Renfro Valley Barn Dance in London, KY. 

 Paul Daniels - Bass player for the group and does the lower harmony in most of the vocal arrangements.  Paul owns the van which makes him a very important part of the group.

 Steve West - Steve played professionally for 35 years, first with the Denny Hilton show & other venues, and  later as a partner in the Main Street Opry at Lake of the Ozarks.  He plays a fine banjo and enjoys telling a pretty good funny.  Steve has also taken up song writing for the group as well.

 Cody West - Growing up around music is all Cody knows.  The son of Steve West, he was brought up around music and is a fine guitar player, having the chance to play with his dad for the first time in their careers.  He also sings the occasional lead vocal for the group.

Matt Maydew - Matt is the requisite Bluegrass musician, a great utility player, having won many awards for his mandolin playing through the years and plays guitar & fiddle.  He has played professionally and traveled with several groups, and plays the fiddle for Potters Wheel, along with any other instrument we need need him to.  He also helps with vocal harmonies.

Ferrell Stowe - Ferrell is the newest addition to Potters Wheel, joining the group in the fall of 2014.  Ferrell moved back to Lebanon from Nashville after spending more than a decade there, using his dobro/resonator guitar skills as a session player and hanging out with the Big Boys on some of the most famous stages & events.  He's got lots of stories to tell, so we nabbed him up to help make the traveling go faster.  Well that, and, he's a first class top-notch dobro player.        

History of Potters Wheel

Their Mission Statement is to be more than entertainment (though they are entertaining), but to take their message of the Gospel to a level of ministering and preaching that Gospel in song.  Since their formation in 2000, they have played all over Missouri and neighboring States, performing at Civic & County functions, festivals, annual company meetings, wedding receptions, birthday parties, and of course, hundreds of Church's.

Rex Hart formed Potters Wheel with some of his friends, out of the desire to quit playing music for the world and start using their talents for the Lord.  The original group was mostly a country/bluegrass mix, something different, yet original lyrics with great words made it something special.  After one short year, tragedy struck in 2001, as one of their members went to be with the Lord in a car accident.  After a brief period off, they decided to carry on.  They acquired a new member, wrote new songs, began to book a few dates, then recorded their first CD in 2002.  A second CD followed in 2004 and their bookings began to expand, as God blessed in their ministry.  With a couple of personnel changes by 2005, they had a chance to play at Silver Dollar City and sing the gospel to people outside the Church house.  They were invited back in 2006, 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013.  What a great experience to share the Gospel outside of the Church building.  In 2007, their third CD was released as they kept busy all year long, playing at County Fairs, Company Annual Meetings, Revivals, Church Singing's, Festivals and City functions.  In 2008, another personnel change was made and a CD was released in January of 2009.   This was followed by adding a fiddle to the mix in 2010, a Christmas CD in 2011, followed by a new release in 2012, 2013, and the latest CD (Set Free) was released in July 2014.  Three of Potters Wheel members have been together now for 13 years, and have witnessed a great deal of blessings along the way.  In 2012 they reached a milestone with over 70 bookings for the year.  In November of 2014, Ferrell Stowe joined the band after moving back from Nashville, where he made a name for himself as a premier dobro player, working with the big boys, as a studio musician and gracing the stage at the Ryman auditorium with well known bands.  Collectively, they pray that each opportunity they get this year will touch a heart, spur  a decision, or somehow make a difference as they attempt to glorify the Lord in song.